Sunday, February 5, 2012

You are making it happen!

It's working—thanks to you! More and more people are beginning to see how the press has tainted Israel's rights to exist after reading the compelling story in Rebirth. I'm also getting invites for T.V. interviews after doing several radio interviews; So this growing message will go international soon.

Next is the big brother to Rebirth's 90 second book trailer:
Which will be a longer multimedia presentation (7 minutes) that I will be narrating to live audiences with gripping images of Rebirth's story on a big screen to show the masses how Israel legitimately and legally establishment their nation.

Maybe your church or event would like to have me present it; The video above is a good representation (you can forward to everyone) of the multimedia video coming soon. Pray is makes it to the History Channel as it will be pitched there too.

Here's the link to send to others:

If you haven't already, see Rebirth's images of the actual events:!1948---images  Including the secret underground bullet factory; Caught in this factory (built in Palestine just months after the holocaust ended) by the enemy above ground would be a death sentence to the young Jews making bullets for the underground Jewish defenses.

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