Thursday, February 9, 2012

The reliability of a controversial novel

As three T.V. stations have invited me to share Rebirth's story and after 5 radio interviews; Islamists are worried about this message.

Next is my 7 minute multimedia presentation that will open the eyes of many to see that Israel must exist in the last days and will play a key role in all of our futures! Would your church or organization like to have me share it live? see Rebirth's video to the right for a similar demonstration.

Share this website with friends and family, read more fascinating facts about Israel, download free pro Israel eBooklets and support Israel at:

More: The president of American Trademark Pictures has Rebirth's manuscript and has pledged to shop it for film interest.

Pro Israel actor, Jon Voight's manager, called me and responded to my invite to possibly have Jon endorse Rebirth.

Calvary Chapel book distribution has Rebirth's manuscript under review.

More to come about voting a pro Israel candidate into office.

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