Monday, February 27, 2012

Annual Arab March against Israel

Palestinians Plan New March on Israel’s Borders

by dailyalert

Pro-Palestinian groups around the world are planning the Global March to Jerusalem (GM2J) on March 30 to coincide with the annual "Land Day" protest marked by Israeli Arabs. Thousands of Palestinians, along with supporters from around the world, are to march toward Israel's borders.
Last May, and again in September, there were plans to mobilize the masses, but the result was only minor disturbances.
Neither the PA in the West Bank nor Hamas in Gaza are eager for such demonstrations to get out of hand. In addition, it didn't seem that the Palestinian population at large had much of an appetite for another Intifada.
"There is noise on the web, that doesn't mean it is going to materialize," says one Israeli diplomat. However, we must not take this lightly...
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