Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A review of Rebirth

Author: Dave Longeuay
Publisher: Seven-7 Publishing
ISBN: 978-0983905806

If you liked Exodus by Leon Uris, you will love Rebirth by Dave Longeuay. From the first page I was gripped by this tale of espionage, romance, and the proganist’s pursuit of familial secrets. It begins in July 1945 as Charles Devonshire, a precocious teen-ager, travels to Palestine where he hopes to escape an abusive anti semitic father & solve the mystery of his parents’ mysterious past.  On the ship and in port he witnesses the British, professed enemies of the Nazis, nonetheless echoing Nazi anti-semitism. The book moves along at a suspenseful, exciting eventful pace for the next two years illuminating the emotional development of Charles, as  extreme circumstances propel him into heroic manhood, as well as a close up view of the painful accurate history of Israel’s rebirth as a nation.  Along the way we are introduced to characters who seem absolutely real and interact naturally with the real historical characters whose names we recognize. The author says the novel is based on actual events and even the events that are made up feel like they certainly could have, maybe even did, happen. This history remains relevant to the ongoing middle east crisis. I was struck by the timeliness of the following:
Moshe stood.  ‘Heres the root of our problem. Most Arabs and Jews want peace.  It’s the radicals on each side who incite violence and who pressure peaceful Jews and Arabs to  fight or die.’ He pulled a paper from his satchel. ‘The grand mufti, Al Husseini, broadcast this message throughout Europe with Nazi funding: ‘Arabs, arise and fight for your sacred rights. Kill Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion.”  (p. 276)

Earlier, in chapter 17, Charles helps out a young Arab man who has run out of gas for his motorcycle. Later that same young man who is part of a group of young Arabs who believe they must fight and kill the Jews and Americans saves Charles and his friends from the murderous wrath of his own companions because he remembers that Charles had come to his aid earlier and reminds Charles that he had said then he would not forget. It is good that we get to glimpse this desire of each of these young men to treat each other with humanity in the midst of the fear and violence all around them.

My favorite books, the books I consider to be classics, are books that enlighten and educate while they entertain and engage the reader as this one does. I was familiar with the general outlines of Israel’s history but this book transported me to that time and place and I felt like I had experienced it. I highly recommend that anyone interested in the history of Israel as well as the current political situation in the middle east read Rebirth for a fuller understanding of the way history is made. The author has been for many years a songwriter and run a multi media Recording studio expanded in 2000 to include video services and his own experience includes writing, producing, shooting and editing a feature length documentary film. These skills and experience would explain his success at creating a novel with such filmic immediacy. I am very much looking forward to following Charles and his beloved Gladia in the sequel: Reborn.

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Sandra Shwayder Sanchez

Reviewer Sandra Shwayder Sanchez: Sandra is a retired attorney. Her twenty year law practice focused on representation of indigent clients in the Denver criminal, family, juvenile, and mental health courts.  In 2005  she co-founded The Wessex Collective (TWC) with R.P. Burnham, publisher of The Long Story literary journal. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another eyewitness of Israel's foes

Last night I attended a pro Israel event in Yorba Linda, Ca. sponsored by CUFI. (Christians United for Israel).

In amazement I listened to Israeli commander, Colonel Gruber, who currently commands 20,000 Israeli troops and got to hear straight from the source, the mindset of the IDF (Israel Defense Force.) I also shook his hand and gave him a free copy of Rebirth, which he insisted I sign before he could accept it.

He spoke about what I had wrote in Rebirth! How the Israeli government goes to great lengths (and he proved it with video that you'll never see on the news) to avoid shedding innocent blood. Their policy? In no way shape or form will an Israeli soldier fire at a terrorist if it means harming a non-combatant civilian. They let them out of their gips everyday when it comes to sparing innocent lives—Arab or Israeli.

He also showed how many Islamists use this compassion for their gain. Colonel Gruber played several videos of Islamist terrorists grabbing children as their human shields. The Colonel was so adamant of not harming innocent people, he admitted to warning the enemy when and where they would attack in Gaza whenever they'd find a home used as a munitions storage facility.

On his last raid, where he personally warned an entire neighborhood to evacuate a terrorist home with leaflets from above and phone calls, all their neighbors suddenly showed up for a bar-b-cue on the rooftop. The Colonel first shot a warning round at the edge of the roof to scatter the unknowing neighbors and waited for the home to be vacated before they destroyed the munitions intended for Israel's destruction.

This and many more examples showed me personally how accurate Rebirth is. It's a must read for anyone who desires to be informed with actual events that shaped a legitimate nation in 1948. A gripping story that will open your eyes, even if you think you're familiar with this event. And it has a classic love story that will tug at your heart.

Visit www.rebirthofisrael.com to purchase your copy and give one to a friend as a gift this season!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Exciting opportunity for Rebirth!

Please pray for Rebirth today!

After nurturing a relationship with American Trademark Pictures for over six months, I sent them my requested manuscript.

After reading Rebirth's synopsis the veteran Pro Israel film company expressed great interest in Rebirth and pledged to shop it throughout their contacts of over thirty years of making films—many of which are Pro Israeli.

Admittedly the president warned that funds for any film today are very hard to come by (and I would add especially for an unknown author) but there are funds out there and a film based on Rebirth is needed today to show the deceived that Israel used all necessary legal and legitimate channels to create their nation. Now the opportunity is in God's hands.

The more we as a group spread the word that Israel is being unfairly represented by the press abroad, the more Israel will gather much needed support! And we all know this is pleasing to God according to Genesis 12:3.

Thank you for your support so far and please keep spreading the word now that Rebirth is available both in paperback and Kindle on Amazon and at: www.rebirthofisrael.com You can still save $5.00 off the list price until Thanksgiving weekend on the website. Please tell your friends!  :>)

Dave Longeuay

Saturday, November 12, 2011

An eyewitness to Rebirth's story!

Zipporah ("Zippy") Porath  was a girl with a mission when it came to the struggle for Israeli statehood in 1948.

She arrived in British Mandatory Palestine in Oct. 1947, as an American student, for what was intended to be a year of study at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. But, caught up in the Jewish national fight for survival, she joined the underground defense forces and served as a medic in the siege of Jerusalem.

Zippy was present on November 29th, 1947 when the United Nations announced its approval of the Partition of Palestine (Resolution 181) into a Jewish State and an Arab State. The Jews accepted, but the Arab response was outright rejection and immediate invasion by the armed forces of six neighboring Arab countries, with intent to "kill all Jews" in Palestine. Today, Israel is still facing the same diabolical threat, which begs the question: How can a tiny nation survive such incessant massive hate and harassment?

The answer can be found in Rebirth and in Zippy's books.

Her book of  "Letters from Jerusalem 1947-1948", comprising the letters she wrote to her family in New York, captures the volatile events that shaped Middle East history, as they were happening, in a blow-by-blow account. (Copies of the book can be ordered from jporath@mac.com or from www.amazon.com ) 

She also recently wrote a booklet about an American hero in Israel’s War of Independence mentioned in Rebirth, “Col. David (Mickey) Marcus, A soldier for all humanity."  A well-kept secret about the West Point General killed in 1948 in the struggle for Israel’s survival and independence.

The booklet is based on interviews - never before published - conducted with those who recruited Marcus, with GHQ staff officers and soldiers who served with him, and with others whose lives he touched.  It adds a proud, vivid and authentic voice to the history of that pivotal period. Published by American Veterans of Israel Legacy Corp. in co-operation with the American Jewish Historical Society. (Copies can be ordered from  zip@netvision.net.il or jporath@mac.com

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The battle continues

Today is Rebirth's official release date even though it's been available for a week now. Please remember to tell some friends about the book website: www.rebirthofisrael.com and order your copy today!

Israel's ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor on Thursday asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the Security Council, and the international community to censure rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza.
  • "The constant rain of rockets on our cities dramatically alters daily life....No people should have to live under such a specter of terror."
  • "Israel holds the Hamas terrorist organization fully responsible for all attacks emanating from Gaza, where it remains in de facto control. The rockets that continue to fly out of the area illustrate a basic truth: the Palestinian Authority has absolutely zero authority in the Gaza Strip. While President Abbas continues his unilateral march for state recognition at the United Nations, the Palestinians are far from meeting the basic criteria for statehood, particularly the test of effective control."
  • "With the roar of rockets echoing from the Gaza Strip, silence from the Palestinian Authority is unacceptable. Israel is still waiting to hear President Abbas clearly condemn Hamas for the terror that continues to flow from Gaza."
  • "The terrorist rockets in Gaza are traveling further - and their warheads are getting larger. This is a direct result of the continuous smuggling of advanced weapons from Iran and others into the Gaza Strip. Preventing this illegal activity is an integral part of Security Council Resolution 1860, but it receives hardly any attention from the international community."
  • "The rocket fire emanating from Gaza represents a flagrant violation of international law....Israel expects the Security Council, the Secretary-General, and the international community to condemn all of these attacks immediately and unequivocally."
"Israel cannot and will not rely on good luck to protect its citizens. Israel has exercised and will continue to exercise its right to self-defense, as appropriate, and will take all necessary measures to protect its citizens."
Bottom portion originally posted by Israel Alert.

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