Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another eyewitness of Israel's foes

Last night I attended a pro Israel event in Yorba Linda, Ca. sponsored by CUFI. (Christians United for Israel).

In amazement I listened to Israeli commander, Colonel Gruber, who currently commands 20,000 Israeli troops and got to hear straight from the source, the mindset of the IDF (Israel Defense Force.) I also shook his hand and gave him a free copy of Rebirth, which he insisted I sign before he could accept it.

He spoke about what I had wrote in Rebirth! How the Israeli government goes to great lengths (and he proved it with video that you'll never see on the news) to avoid shedding innocent blood. Their policy? In no way shape or form will an Israeli soldier fire at a terrorist if it means harming a non-combatant civilian. They let them out of their gips everyday when it comes to sparing innocent lives—Arab or Israeli.

He also showed how many Islamists use this compassion for their gain. Colonel Gruber played several videos of Islamist terrorists grabbing children as their human shields. The Colonel was so adamant of not harming innocent people, he admitted to warning the enemy when and where they would attack in Gaza whenever they'd find a home used as a munitions storage facility.

On his last raid, where he personally warned an entire neighborhood to evacuate a terrorist home with leaflets from above and phone calls, all their neighbors suddenly showed up for a bar-b-cue on the rooftop. The Colonel first shot a warning round at the edge of the roof to scatter the unknowing neighbors and waited for the home to be vacated before they destroyed the munitions intended for Israel's destruction.

This and many more examples showed me personally how accurate Rebirth is. It's a must read for anyone who desires to be informed with actual events that shaped a legitimate nation in 1948. A gripping story that will open your eyes, even if you think you're familiar with this event. And it has a classic love story that will tug at your heart.

Visit www.rebirthofisrael.com to purchase your copy and give one to a friend as a gift this season!

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