Saturday, June 30, 2012

Classic Nazi techniques revived...

When I read this article, I was astonished at how this verbiage sounds just like the Nazi propaganda that I had researched for my novel Rebirth:

Iran Declares War Against the Jewish People

by dailyalert

Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi cited the Talmud in support of his claim that Jews believe that they are racially superior and that "God has created the world so that all other nations can serve them." These bigoted claims would be laughable if they did not have such a long and disturbing history.
They must be taken seriously in light of the fact that Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons and has already called for the Jewish state to be wiped off the map. Moreover, Iran's surrogate, Hizbullah, has invited all the Jews of the world to move to Israel so that it will be easier to destroy them in one fell swoop.
Taken together, these statements and actions constitute a clear incitement to genocide, which is explicitly prohibited by international law and by the rules governing the International Criminal Court.
Professor Irwin Cotler, the former minister of justice and attorney general of Canada, has drafted a brilliant brief making the case for indicting the Iranian leaders for inciting genocide against the Jewish people. Vice President Rahimi's speech constitutes additional evidence of that crime, if any were needed.  (Alan M. Dershowitz - Gatestone Institute)
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More rockets hit Israel

Stop the Hamas Rocket Assault on Israel

by dailyalert
As heads of the three Israeli regional councils which skirt the border with Gaza, the 130 rockets that were fired on our region over the last few days constitute a sad but all too familiar scenario. Imagine, rockets were falling on your family, your home, your community? The toll from this week's attacks from Gaza includes several wounded civilians, injured when an apartment building was hit. Hamas, backed by Iran and the sole authority in Gaza, proudly took responsibility for many of these attacks on our civilian centers.

Our small region has been the target of 13,000 rockets fired from Gaza in a decade. More than one million Israelis are in range, living under a cloud of constant fear. In Sderot, 92% of residents have experienced a rocket fall near them, while 49% know someone killed by a rocket.

We fully recognize the difficulties facing Palestinians in Gaza. But responsibility for their woes rests solely with Hamas. We remember the heady days of the Oslo peace process in the 1990s when we developed cooperative initiatives with the people of Gaza, living just a few short miles away. We have no quarrel with Gaza's citizens and yearn to join with them once more in peaceful partnership. (Haim Yellin, Alon Shuster and Yair Farjun - Telegraph-UK)

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Let's talk Israel...


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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't read if you have a weak heart...

Rebirth covers this atrocity as it began in the early days of Israeli independence:


'Until I die as a shahid.' Gaza kids during party

By Elior Levy
June 12, 2012
Children attending a kindergarten in Gaza that is run by Islamic Jihad celebrated their graduation by dressing up in army attire, waving toy rifles and chanting anti-Israel slogans.

"It is our obligation to educate the children to love the resistance, Palestine and Jerusalem, so they will recognize the importance of Palestine and who its enemy is," the kindergarten's director said. 

The children were dressed up in uniforms of Jihad's armed-wing, the al-Quds Brigades, and each of them received a toy rifle. Some of them held up photos of Islamic Jihad founder Fathi Shaqaqi.

The event was attended by the children's relatives, some of whom belong to Islamic Jihad and other armed Palestinian factions.

During the ceremony the children were asked to stand next to mock coffins draped with flags of the various armed factions. The flags bore the images of "shahids (martyrs)."

One child, Hamza, said "When I grow up I'll join Islamic Jihad and the al-Quds Brigades. I'll fight the Zionist enemy and fire missiles at it until I die as a shahid and join my father in heaven.

"I love the resistance and the martyrs and Palestine, and I want to blow myself up on Zionists and kill them on a bus in a suicide bombing," he said.

During the ceremony the children "demonstrated" how Israel treats Palestinian prisoners. In the display, handcuffed children depicting inmates were placed in cages, with an "Israeli guard" standing nearby.

Another child depicting an Israeli prison guard placed the head of a "Palestinian prisoner" in a bucket of water to demonstrate how Palestinian prisoners are "tortured" in Israel.

"At every kindergarten graduation ceremony we focus on the children to represent the role of struggling and resistance in the way of Allah so they will grow up to love the resistance and serve the cause of Palestine and Holy Jihad, as well as to make them leaders and fighters to defend the holy soil of Palestine," one of the teachers said.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wake up Obama!

Obama shows his true colors again...

Why Did the U.S. Exclude Israel from the New Counterterrorism Forum?

by dailyalert

At Turkey's insistence, Israel was not invited to the June 7 meeting in Istanbul of the new Global Counterterrorism Forum. Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) wrote to Secretary of State Clinton on Monday to protest the Obama administration's decision to exclude Israel from the new forum. "As you know, there are few countries in the world that have suffered more from terrorism than Israel, and few governments that have more experience combating this threat than that of Israel," they wrote.

"Obviously the U.S. is looking to adhere to the wishes of Turkey," said Jonathan Schanzer, vice president for research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. "But since this is a U.S.-sponsored event, hosted in Turkey, the U.S. should not be listening to anybody about whom they should or should not invite."
(Josh Rogin - Foreign Policy)
Read how Israel began their ingenious methods of counter-terrorism in Rebirth:

Saturday, June 9, 2012

You didn't know did you?

Did you know?

Rebirth specializes in many fascinating under publicized events that formed the most controversial nation in history!

1. Jewish ingenuity: The Davidka was a bomb that did very little damage, but it's massive blast was so loud and intimidating that the Jews (who were out numbered by about 100:1) had to create something brilliant to divert the enemy away from their secret underground military headquarters. So when the enemy was getting too close, they'd set off a Davidka to send them running in the opposite direction.

2. Did you know the Dead Sea Scrolls vanished when Israel was decimated by the Romans in AD 70? Miraculously, they were rediscovered (Nov/1947) within months of Israel's rebirth! A 1000 year older copy of God's Word was gone when Israel vanished and was and found when Israel was prophetically reestablished. The Dead Sea Scrolls validated our current bible by showing how a 1000 year older document was 98% exact, word-for-word. The other 2% was only a slight variance on emphasis, not on content.

3. More Jewish ingenuity: To over come impossible odds, the Jews desperately needed more ammo than they could smuggle into Palestine during their battle with the British and Arabs for their statehood. Since the British ruled Palestine after WWII and hindered thousands of Jews from entering their "Promised Land" the Jews had a very difficult time of defending themselves from the hostile Arabs in the region. So they constructed an underground bullet factory right under the British to manufacture over 40,000 rounds per day to keep up with the battles they were fighting for their survival. Watch the History Channel video about this incredible "illegal" factory:!1948---images A death penalty would be imposed on any Jew caught making bullets or weapons in Palestine during British rule.

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