Friday, February 19, 2010

What did that small voice say?

Each of us have it. It's that small voice that says things in our head.

"Man's conscience is God's searchlight, exposing his hidden motives." (Paraphrased from Proverbs.)

The one that says, "Don't do that. It's wrong." Or, "Help that person, they have much less than you do." But often it gives bad advice: "Go ahead, you deserve a break today." "It's okay to look." "What are you waiting for...Take it."

It will reason with you if you resist it. "It's okay to look to look upon that that sinful object. After all, you are certainly strong enough to resist it. You have willpower. You don't have a problem in that area of your life."

Are these voices coming from the same source? They carry the same tone. The same accent. As a matter of fact, they don't have any differing distinctions at all; Except in one subtle area. Wisdom.

One voice carries with it the type of advice that you normally don't give out to others. It's often advice that goes against the grain of reason or even sanity sometimes. It can tell people to do things they would never consider otherwise. Especially if they were to think it through. Another voice IS the advice you give others. You may think it's your voice. But usually, it's not.

Which voice is your advice stemming from?

The seemingly same voice says to one, "Lets take that item that doesn't belong to us. We earned it. And if anyone sees us? Lie. Manipulate them until they see it the way we do. Another voice tells someone else who may be ready to listen, "Go to that earthquake stricken land, and risk your life to save them. Don't ask why. You already know it's the right thing to do."

Most would agree that all types of voices are running through our heads simultaneously. And the majority of the time they are fighting for prominence. It can get pretty noisy up there if you stop and consider it. We're just use to it. But stop right now and think about how often you hear these voices. All day every day. Just about 24/7.

You wake with them. "I'm hungry." That's your voice. You go to bed with them, "I'd sue like to have that hot person in that movie, those bodily features, their wealth...That would be the life." That's the voice of opposition. The voice that gets you into trouble. It's the voice of Lucifer. And you dream in the middle of your sleep with voices. They carry on through the day as well. All day. Saying things like, "Love that unfriendly co-worker. Give a portion of your money to the needy. Put off your summer vacation this year and go help someone in need. That's the voice of God.

Three small voices drive us, restrain us, make us say things, refrain from speaking, save lives, kill people, do extraordinary things, commit simple acts of kindness, defy logic and reason, and accomplish things that make our world go around and come to a screaming halt. Each of the three voices have access to our mind. But only one of them can dominate us at any one time.

Finally our heart is revealed when we look at which of the three voices dominate us. Obviously the three don't get along. You have the good. (God.) The evil. (Satan.) And the voice in between the two attempting to choose which one to listen to. (Yours.)

Which voice dominates you? Or better yet. Which one do you want to dominate you?

When I research the phenomenal works that some individuals do; If I look close enough, I can usually see which voice drives them to do the things they do.

What could any of this have to do with the rebirth of Israel?

It should be obvious that mighty nations are formed out of much more than just "the human spirit." There is a driving voice inside each of us that can form a nation from scratch against all odds.

Can you hear it? Are you listening?

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