Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life in Israel...

Sirens blare in my head. Realizing this is not a drill, I jump out of bed and dash to the closest bomb shelter. Within seconds, the room fills with American, Canadian and Israeli students, all here in fear for their lives. Boom one, that was close...boom two, that was closer...wait for it...boom three. We wait to hear the booms because, ironically, that's the most calming sound. That's when we know that the bombs have landed and we are momentarily safe.

I refuse to be afraid, for that is the terrorists' goal. But I cannot deny that every time that siren goes off, my heart drops. This happens not only with the air-raid siren, but also with any remotely similar sound; we all jump. Sometimes we hear the screaming sirens from the cities around us. After making sure the sound is not ours, we go outside to watch and see if Iron Dome will catch the rockets this time. It boggles my mind how crazy this situation is. America would never allow this to happen at its borders. Imagine if Mexico were bombing San Diego! The writer, 18, is spending the year at Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh in Israel, about 25 miles north of Gaza.

This story is so consistent with my research for "Rebirth" it didn't surprise me; But it still saddened me.  Please tell a friend about this compelling pro Israel novel.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The conversation about Israel continues...

  • Damian Clogher
    I see that you decided to put my comment up on your blog. I don't mind terribly, but I guess I'll have to watch for the Mossad coming for me and my family...and I'm only half joking. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if a bunch of troopers in black armor suddenly came in my house shooting. Back to UNESCO...the U.S. gives more money to that organization than anyone else. Now that we've stopped, millions will suffer...and all because they recognized Palestine, God forbid. So Israel helps with malaria. That's good and all, but now people won't get FOOD or WATER because of them. I mean, sure, malaria is a deadly disease, but helping with it is not an offset for causing tens of millions of people to suffer. I'm not happy with our own country for doing this, either, but it is at least partially Israel's fault, for forcing us to hate Palestine so much.

  • Dave Longeuay
    I guess you didn't get the message. Although no country is perfect and they all made mistakes, but both Israel and America are not the problem. Do you know how many millions of dollars both Israel and America give to Palestine? YES ISRAEL gives financial aid to Palestine, they also provide unbelievable medical aid to Palestine among many other incredible acts of humanitarian aid! It's well documented. Google it. :>) Then tell me how bad Israel is. Oh and try to find the billions Palestine has received. Is it in their school system? NO. Community services? NO. Food for the poor? Very little. Where's the millions? Google how much Arafat's wife receives per month. It will astound you!
    21 hours ago ·

  • Damian Clogher
    How can Israel give money to Palestine if they don't even acknowledge it as a country? And, not only that, but they make us feel obligated enough in the U.S. to drop funding for anyone (even the U.N.'s charity programs) that DOES recognize them. How many people do you think Israel has killed? How many people, and their families, murdered by the Mossad and slipped away in secret? Probably a lot more than any of us would like to believe.
    21 hours ago ·

  • Dave Longeuay
    Like it or not; Israel does give aid to Palestine! It's a fact. So what does that tell you about your perception of them? How could any country that was supposedly evil or at least wrong, give aid to their neighbors like that? It's time to look at what Israel does, not what the press say they don't. Again, their not a perfect country as no country is, but they do give tons of aid to Palestine and many other nations including Africa.
    6 hours ago ·

  • Damian Clogher
    But not as much as the U.S. does...or did, now that we've taken our funding back, BECAUSE OF ISRAEL. Israel is a bad influence on us, and they have killed many innocents; they all just "disappeared". They even attacked innocent Iranian scientists and killed them. And now they want us to join them in a war against Iran, a war that would bring China and Russia down on us and could lead to the end of everything. But I guess Israel would like that, since they believe they'll be rescued by God.
    6 hours ago ·

  • Dave Longeuay You're wrong. So Israel a 100th the size of the U.S doesn't give as much as the U.S. Of course their a small country, but give as much if not more per capita. Beware of Genesis 12;3 "I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who treat them with contempt." You fight Israel, you are fighting against God. Why do you think that dozens civilizations who have fought Israel are no longer in existence? Ever hear of the Amorites? They fought Israel and perished. Philistines? defeated. Crusaders? gone. Romans? same. Nazis? same. The British were the only nation that threw in the towel and walked away from battling the Jews and look at them. The message here? DO NOT come against God's people! You will not win.

    I know you probably wouldn't read it, but if you were to promised to read my book "Rebirth" I'd send you a free copy so you can read how Israel took ALL efforts like Time Magazine reported, to include ALL Arabs (Not just Palestinians) into the land to share EQUALLY. If Time magazine lied about Jews offering Arabs free citizenship after Arabs rejected to share it equally, then how do you explain the current Arab population in Israel today? There are over 1.5 million Arab/Israeli citizens living in Israel today. (About 20% of its population.)In 1999 an Arab woman won Mrs. Israel. 

    NO anti-Israeli has ever been able to explain that fact; nor do they want to believe it or deal with it.

  • Saturday, March 17, 2012

    My typical conversation about Israel...

    Here is what Rebirth's research is doing on a regular basis:

    A conversation with an anti-Israeli Facebook commenter: Damian Clogher said:
    You know, the U.S. stopped funding UNESCO for acknowledging the existence of Palestine. Now all those poor children in Africa will starve because Israel can't tolerate Palestinians being recognized as a country. I remember that on another page, you said once that Palestinians wanted to be ruled by Israel...I'm sure that's why they asked to be recognized by the U.N., right? And now that it's given to them, the U.S. will stop funding to the agency that recognized them (UNESCO). It's getting really sad, now...taking the aid away from the billions of people who need it because you believe that you are "God's chosen people".

    Dave Longeuay: More people from Israel and the USA give more money to Africa than any other nation in the world. You obviously don't know about Israel's intensive research and support to stop Malaria in Africa? It's incredible what Israel is doing in Africa. Here's the news that most news stations will NOT tell you: Oh by the way; Israel is Malaria free. They have NO reason to help prevent such a terrible virus except for humanitarian aid... Where was Palestine when Israel was on the scene with aid for the Japan and Indonesia tsunamis? If you Google how many humanitarian acts Israel has done verses ANY Arab nation, the results will startle you!
    Israeli Team Produces Anti-Malaria Drug From Tobacco Plants | Wall Street Daily
    The tobacco plant is helping Israeli scientists advance anti-malaria drug resear...See More

    Dave Longeuay: Also, the term "God's Chosen People" in the bible ONLY refers to the fact (and this is a fact) that Jews were "Chosen" to write from God's dictation, preserve and deliver God's redeeming message to all of mankind;The bible. A book that has out sold any other book in world history. So the misunderstanding that Jews are more "special" than everyone else is simply false. The bible is clear that God loves ALL peoples equally and is no respecter of any individual over another.

    Support the novel Rebirth, supports Israel. Please spread the news and purchase your copy at:

    Friday, March 16, 2012

    Gaza - A Proxy of Iran

    Netanyahu: Gaza Equals Iran

    by dailyalert
    Speaking at a special session of the Knesset Wednesday on the escalation in Gaza rocket fire, Prime Minister Netanyahu said: "The dominant factor that motivates these events in Gaza is Iran. 
    Where do the missiles come from? Where does the money come from? Who trains the terrorists? Who builds the infrastructure? Who gives the orders? It all comes from Iran."
    "Some people say that a third- or fourth-rate terrorist organization is acting against a million citizens in the State of Israel. That is not true. Iran is operating against us....The terrorist organizations in Gaza - Hamas and Jihad, as well as Hizbullah in Lebanon - are taking shelter under an Iranian umbrella. Now imagine what will happen if that umbrella becomes nuclear."
    "Wherever we withdrew, Iran entered. We withdrew from Lebanon, Iran came in. We withdrew from Gaza, Iran came in. Some people suggest that we act in a similar manner in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank]. Iran will come in there too....If we come to an agreement with the Palestinians, we must ensure that our security foundations are sound and that Iran cannot enter the territory."
    "Our enemies must know that, at the end of the day, Israel will not accept an Iranian base in Gaza. Sooner or later, Iran's terror base in Gaza will be uprooted."
    Please tell a friend to visit Rebirth's website:

    Monday, March 12, 2012

    Israel and Gaza

    Beyond the Gaza Headlines

    by dailyalert

    • Zuhair al-Qaissi, the leader of Gaza's Popular Resistance Committees who was targeted on Friday, immediately after Gilad Shalit was released in an extortionate prisoner "exchange" last October, gave interviews to the media detailing how his organization had kidnapped the Israeli soldier, interrogated him, resisted Israeli pleas for his release, and handed Shalit over to Hamas for five years of incarceration.
    • Al-Qaissi was also one of the planners of last August's major infiltration by terrorists from Gaza, via Sinai, into Israel in which eight Israelis were killed. He was about to orchestrate another such major attack. He was also the man who oversaw the transfer of funds from Hizbullah in Lebanon to other extremist groups in Gaza.
    • Israel has no military or civilian presence whatsoever in Gaza - no territorial dispute. Wrenching thousands of civilians from their homes, Israel withdrew entirely from the Strip in 2005. After the 2005 disengagement, the occupation was over.
    • In the period before al-Qaissi was killed, barely a day went by without a rocket salvo being fired into Israel; these attacks didn't make headlines because they didn't kill Israelis. Israel has alarm systems and protected rooms. It keeps its youngsters home from school. And it has the world's foremost anti-missile defense systems.
    • Seven years after it left Gaza, Israel is up against a leadership there that has exploited every opportunity to arm itself with only one enemy in mind - Israel - and to improve the capacity of its rockets to harm Israeli civilians. And Israel finds itself on the defensive, accused of exaggerated use of force, even as it strives to keep its populace safe.
    (David Horovitz  - Times of Israel)
    Read more about Israel's incredible survival at:

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    Israel's Prime Minister speaks out

    Netanyahu to AIPAC: We Can’t Afford to Wait Much Longer to Stop a Nuclear-Armed Iran

    by dailyalert

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the AIPAC Policy Conference on Monday:
    • "We are determined to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons; we leave all options on the table; and containment is definitely not an option. The Jewish state will not allow those who seek our destruction to possess the means to achieve that goal. A nuclear armed Iran must be stopped."
    • "Some are prepared to accept...a world in which the Ayatollahs have atomic bombs. Sure, they say, Iran is cruel, but it's not crazy. It's detestable but it's deterrable. My friends, responsible leaders should not bet the security of their countries on the belief that the world's most dangerous regimes won't use the world's most dangerous weapons."
    • "From the beginning, the Ayatollah regime has broken every international rule and flouted every norm. It has seized embassies, targeted diplomats. It sends its own children through mine fields; it hangs gays and stones women; it supports Assad's brutal slaughter of the Syrian people; it is the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism."
    • "This is how Iran behaves today, without nuclear weapons. Think of how they will behave tomorrow, with nuclear weapons....There's been plenty of talk recently about the costs of stopping Iran. I think it's time we started talking about the costs of not stopping Iran."
    • "For the last decade, the international community has tried diplomacy. It hasn't worked. For six years, the international community has applied sanctions. That hasn't worked either....None of us can afford to wait much longer. As Prime Minister of Israel, I will never let my people live in the shadow of annihilation."

    Friday, March 2, 2012

    Its about time!

    I hope they are serious about this. How many times does one have to ask Iran to cooperate and stand down with their nuclear programs? Isn't the message clear from Iran? Their answer is no! And their message is quite clear: Death to America and Israel...

    Obama Officials Talking Tougher about Iran as Netanyahu Visit Approaches

    by dailyalert
    Obama administration officials are escalating warnings that the U.S. could join Israel in attacking Iran if the Islamic republic doesn't dispel concerns that its nuclear program is aimed at producing weapons. Pentagon officials said military options being prepared start with providing aerial refueling for Israeli planes and also include attacking the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its Qods Force, regular Iranian military bases and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security.
    Israeli officials have told their U.S. counterparts they think the Iranians see what they consider a pattern of irresolute administration behavior that includes abandoning former Egyptian President Mubarak, taking only a supporting role in the overthrow of Libya's Gaddafi, indecision on how to deal with violence in Syria, a rush to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, failure to retaliate against Iran for plotting to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the U.S., and its inability to get Egypt to free the son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.
    Have you read more about Israel so you can be an active supporter when confronted with lies from the public who state Israel's are the bad guys? Be equipped and informed: 

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