Saturday, March 17, 2012

My typical conversation about Israel...

Here is what Rebirth's research is doing on a regular basis:

A conversation with an anti-Israeli Facebook commenter: Damian Clogher said:
You know, the U.S. stopped funding UNESCO for acknowledging the existence of Palestine. Now all those poor children in Africa will starve because Israel can't tolerate Palestinians being recognized as a country. I remember that on another page, you said once that Palestinians wanted to be ruled by Israel...I'm sure that's why they asked to be recognized by the U.N., right? And now that it's given to them, the U.S. will stop funding to the agency that recognized them (UNESCO). It's getting really sad, now...taking the aid away from the billions of people who need it because you believe that you are "God's chosen people".

Dave Longeuay: More people from Israel and the USA give more money to Africa than any other nation in the world. You obviously don't know about Israel's intensive research and support to stop Malaria in Africa? It's incredible what Israel is doing in Africa. Here's the news that most news stations will NOT tell you: Oh by the way; Israel is Malaria free. They have NO reason to help prevent such a terrible virus except for humanitarian aid... Where was Palestine when Israel was on the scene with aid for the Japan and Indonesia tsunamis? If you Google how many humanitarian acts Israel has done verses ANY Arab nation, the results will startle you!
Israeli Team Produces Anti-Malaria Drug From Tobacco Plants | Wall Street Daily
The tobacco plant is helping Israeli scientists advance anti-malaria drug resear...See More

Dave Longeuay: Also, the term "God's Chosen People" in the bible ONLY refers to the fact (and this is a fact) that Jews were "Chosen" to write from God's dictation, preserve and deliver God's redeeming message to all of mankind;The bible. A book that has out sold any other book in world history. So the misunderstanding that Jews are more "special" than everyone else is simply false. The bible is clear that God loves ALL peoples equally and is no respecter of any individual over another.

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Messianic Kitty said...

May Yahweh, God in Hebrew, bless Israel for all the awesome things they've done AND sharing!!

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