Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gossip…By Adolph Hitler

What does this have to do with Israel's rebirth?
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Boy have I got a juicy one for you!

I heard from a friend, (who is a reliable source), who heard it from one of his trusted friends, who heard it from yet another, a very reliable source also, some intriguing news!

It’s all about so and so, who did things to you know who, who destroyed the reputation of people just like you…

Gossip is almost always irresistible, juicy, and fun to hear! We can't deny it's in our make up of desire. I fall into it's trap often without even realizing it somethimes. It’s even better when it’s carefully packaged in a prayer request or presented as information that "we need to know." That makes it okay to listen to…Right? After all, we will pray for that person who’s reputation we are participating in destroying!

It seems harmless…I mean we’re not hurting anyone. It’s all just in the interest of good communication--until it’s aimed at you! 

Then all of a sudden, it’s has a different face! Now it becomes more evident that the gossip has some ‘white lies’ contained within. Sure, most gossip contains elements of truth. But it’s always mixed in with an attorney style twist and spin, design to make it sound a little more interesting than the whole truth would. Sometimes it’s only a slight twist. What’s the harm as long as it's not about you?

Enter Adolph Hitler. You could call him one of the all-time master gossipers. But they called his gossip, ‘propaganda’. Gossip was so powerful and important to Hitler he hired Paul Joseph Goebbels a Ph.D., to head the office of Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda from March 13, 1933 to April 30, 1945. Hitler paid him handsomely to spread poison about Jews. How serious was he about spreading gossip? Read what Adolph Hitler says about it…
‘With propaganda we will undermine the morale of the people of America…Once there is confusion and we have undermined the faith of the American people against their own government, a new German-American group will take over so we can assume power. Our propaganda is just as powerful as our submarines, tanks and bombs. This is how we will divide and conquer the world!’
This is one of many lethal weapons that certain Arabs learned from the Nazi’s.
What is interesting is that in all my research, I cannot find ANY Jewish leaders stating the death comments that many Arab leaders make today and in the past.
Not all Arabs are anti-Semitic. Many are peaceful loving people
I'm not saying that Israel or America are perfect nations! There are no perfect nations.

So what about today? Has Hitler’s methods of gossip faded? Here’s an Islamist broadcast that was recently transmitted. Does this sound familiar to what you just read about Hitler’s gossip?

"Listen!" says a rabbi to a young Jew. "We have received an order from above. We need the blood of a Christian child for the unleavened bread for the Passover feast." In the following shot, a terrified youngster is seized from the neighborhood. Then the camera zooms in on the child for a close-up of his throat being cut. The blood spurts from the wound and pours into a metal basin.

The Al-Manar satellite channel that broadcast this episode is run by the Islamist Hezbollah ("Party of God"). The scene is part of a twenty-nine-part series entitled Al-Shatat ("Diaspora"), produced by Al-Manar with Syrian government backing and broadcast for the first time during Ramadan in 2003. Episode by episode, the series peddles the fantasy of the Jewish world conspiracy: Jews have brought death and destruction upon humanity, Jews unleashed both world wars, Jews discovered chemical weapons and destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear bombs. And of course they throw in Americans to the evil plot as well. It's a complete mimic of Hitler's propaganda.

With a permanent staff of three hundred, this channel has the greatest reach in the Arab-Islamic world after al-Jazeera. Ten million people a day tune in to the round-the-clock broadcasts from Beirut. Al-Manar ("the Beacon") is the first and to date only satellite channel that, not even pretending to objectivity, sees itself as the global voice of Islam-ism. Its popularity is due to its countless video clips, which use inspiring graphics and uplifting music to promote suicide bombing. Al-Manar not only pushes for terrorist acts against Israel but inspires, justifies, and acclaims them.

In Zeesen, a town with some four thousand inhabitants to the south of Berlin, once stood one of the world's most powerful shortwave transmitters. Between 1939 and 1945, at a time when, in the Arab world, listening to the radio took place primarily in public squares or bazaars and coffee houses, no other station was more popular than the Zeesen service, which skillfully mingled anti-Semitic propaganda with quotations from the Koran and Arabic music. No wonder the duped individuals supported the destruction of the new state of Israel born on May 14th, 1948.

Now take this farther back than Hitler. Satan said to Eve, ‘Surely you won’t die if you eat the fruit. (a partial truth…She didn’t die physically on the spot, but spiritually) ‘For God knows you will become like gods yourself’. (This is paraphrased.)

Our true problem is not just some religious or political hate group. Not all Arabs or Islamist hate Jews. There is historical evidence that proves many Arabs and Islamist are friendly toward Jews. The are good and bad individuals in every people group.

The true master gossiper is Satan. He’s the very source of gossip and continues to influence many using gossip to promote all sorts of evil.

We are now at the very heart of Jewish persecution!

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