Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is this the end?

How near is the end?

I believe God has lead me to write the story of Israel’s rebirth, to show His faithfulness to His word, His miracles, and to reveal that the rebirth of Israel is a major component of end times prophecy. In 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4 the word tells us that the end will not come until the "man of lawlessness is reveled," (many call the antichrist), and, "takes his seat in the temple of God displaying himself as God." You must have Israel in place to have, "the temple of God" in place, thus this scripture cannot happen until the Jewish temple in Jerusalem is re built.

It amazes me that although the temple has not been built due to the fact that the site is the Muslims most holy site, the Dome of the Rock area, (construction would spark a major holy war), the original Biblical plans have been drawn, a very sophisticated scale model has been built, all deriving from a temple fund set up many years ago. Some reputable pastors have taught, they are even making original articles of temple worship along with re breeding the Red Heifer, (Numbers 19:2) an extinct red cow, that was a necessary item of temple sacrifices.

 When the temple is built, it will be the very last item on the Biblical end times list. All the other dozens of accurate prophecies have been fulfilled. (Mathew 24 to name a few.) But don’t think for a minute you can live it up until the future rebuilding of temple, then get right with God. Your last opportunity for a ticket into heaven may be up before that time. You might die unexpectedly in an auto accident, giving you no time to repent.

Your time to exit earth or the rapture could come before the temple’s re building. And, in the words of many great pastors…“If you can’t live for God today while it’s relatively easy, what makes you think you will able to live for him when we approach closer to the predicted difficult times ahead?

You may ask, “so what do I do?” I repented of my sins! I started reading the Bible, found a good church, stayed informed of the end times so I'm ready for his coming judgement, and learned through His word how to get right with him. There is no other hope!

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