Saturday, June 30, 2012

Classic Nazi techniques revived...

When I read this article, I was astonished at how this verbiage sounds just like the Nazi propaganda that I had researched for my novel Rebirth:

Iran Declares War Against the Jewish People

by dailyalert

Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi cited the Talmud in support of his claim that Jews believe that they are racially superior and that "God has created the world so that all other nations can serve them." These bigoted claims would be laughable if they did not have such a long and disturbing history.
They must be taken seriously in light of the fact that Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons and has already called for the Jewish state to be wiped off the map. Moreover, Iran's surrogate, Hizbullah, has invited all the Jews of the world to move to Israel so that it will be easier to destroy them in one fell swoop.
Taken together, these statements and actions constitute a clear incitement to genocide, which is explicitly prohibited by international law and by the rules governing the International Criminal Court.
Professor Irwin Cotler, the former minister of justice and attorney general of Canada, has drafted a brilliant brief making the case for indicting the Iranian leaders for inciting genocide against the Jewish people. Vice President Rahimi's speech constitutes additional evidence of that crime, if any were needed.  (Alan M. Dershowitz - Gatestone Institute)
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