Friday, November 18, 2011

Exciting opportunity for Rebirth!

Please pray for Rebirth today!

After nurturing a relationship with American Trademark Pictures for over six months, I sent them my requested manuscript.

After reading Rebirth's synopsis the veteran Pro Israel film company expressed great interest in Rebirth and pledged to shop it throughout their contacts of over thirty years of making films—many of which are Pro Israeli.

Admittedly the president warned that funds for any film today are very hard to come by (and I would add especially for an unknown author) but there are funds out there and a film based on Rebirth is needed today to show the deceived that Israel used all necessary legal and legitimate channels to create their nation. Now the opportunity is in God's hands.

The more we as a group spread the word that Israel is being unfairly represented by the press abroad, the more Israel will gather much needed support! And we all know this is pleasing to God according to Genesis 12:3.

Thank you for your support so far and please keep spreading the word now that Rebirth is available both in paperback and Kindle on Amazon and at: You can still save $5.00 off the list price until Thanksgiving weekend on the website. Please tell your friends!  :>)

Dave Longeuay

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