Thursday, February 23, 2012

support for Israel on the rise

Support for Israel in U.S. Near All-Time High

by dailyalert

As "Rebirth" is designed to raise awareness and support for Israel, other sources are working for this cause too!

    A Gallup Poll released on Feb. 16 asked Americans if they felt favorably or unfavorably toward several countries. The results for Middle Eastern countries were:
Israel: 71% favorable, 24% unfavorable; Egypt: 47-47; Saudi Arabia: 42-54; Libya: 25-66; Iraq: 24-72; Palestinian Authority: 19-72; Syria: 17-72; Iran: 10-87.
Israel's "very favorable" rating (29%) was the highest in the past 23 years, while its overall favorable rating was the highest since 1991 (when it was 79% just after the First Gulf War).
Remember to pray for Israel and tell a friend about "Rebirth".

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