Friday, August 15, 2014

Obama Blocking arms to Israel?

This is unthinkable but not too surprising from someone who has NO CLUE of HAMAS' true intentions and master goal...
Originally posted by: CUFI (Christians united for Israel

We were shocked to read reports in the Wall Street Journal, the Times of Israel and other reliable sources that President Obama has blocked delivery of critical weapons to Israel in the middle of a war. If these reports are true, they mark a new low point in our relationship with Israel.

The President acknowledges that Israel has a right to defend itself from Hamas rocket fire. And the United States government has long recognized Hamas as a terrorist organization. Thus it defies logic, strategy and decency to learn that the President may be denying Israel the very weapons it needs to defend itself from these terrorists.
We have prayed that President Obama would bring greater moral clarity to his discussion of Israel's struggle against Hamas. We have encouraged Secretary of State John Kerry to remember that Israel, not Hamas, is our ally in the region. Now we're seeing this moral confusion bear the bitter fruit of dangerous policy. 

Demand that the Obama Administration stand with Israel!

Tell President Obama to stop blocking weapons to Israel!

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