Saturday, August 23, 2014

Against Israel: I Never knew this one...

Today I learned another disturbing slam against Israel that I had no idea would exist...

I was speaking to a pastor friend of mine who ministers in the heart of the Middle East. I feel compelled to keep his identity and country confidential due to the fact that he could get into serious trouble with the law if they found out that he shared this unthinkable information.

His passport states in that he can visit any country EXCEPT Israel. It actually has that printed on his passport. He further let me know that while he can exercise some of his religious freedom, he can also get into legal and physical trouble if he is not extra careful about 'how' he conducts himself.

It's a reminder of the religious freedom I enjoy in the U.S. and a reminder that I have so much to be thankful for!

So why is Israel hated/feared by this Middle East country to the extent they will not allow their own citizens to travel there legally?

Much of the heightened fear and hatred was fueled by Adolph Hitler when he paid for a hate radio station in Germany to broadcast Anti-Semitic propaganda all throughout Asia, in Arabic, so the already tense feelings from Muslims would be further heightened; It worked!

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