Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time running out for Nazi witnesses to confess...

Book Urges Germans to Quiz Dying Nazi Generation

by dailyalert

Germany's Nazi past has remained a taboo subject in millions of family homes - with children and grandchildren declining to press their elders on what they did in the war. At least 20 to 25 million Germans knew about the Holocaust while it was happening, and some 10 million fought on the Eastern Front in a war of annihilation that targeted civilians from the start. That, says German historian Moritz Pfeiffer, makes the genocide and the crimes against humanity a part of family history.
Time is running out. The answer to how a cultured, civilized nation stooped so low, lies in the minds of the dying Third Reich generation, many of whom are ready and willing to talk at the end of their lives, says Pfeiffer, 29, a historian at a museum on the SS at Wewelsburg Castle. He has just completed an unprecedented research project based on his own family. "Towards the end of one's life the distance to the events is so great that people are ready to give testimony....Now the problem is that no one is listening to that generation anymore."
My Grandfather in the War 1939-1945, Pfeiffer said, unquestioningly followed Hitler, failed to own up to its guilt in the immediate aftermath of the war and, more than six decades on, remains unable to express personal remorse for the civilian casualties of Hitler's war, let alone for the Holocaust. (David Crossland - Der Spiegel-Germany)
Most Jews I know and have read about want the holocaust to be remembered so it will never happen again. If you don't think it can ever happen again in our modern society, then you haven't been reading about Iran's president among others...

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