Friday, April 20, 2012

Arabs serving in the Israeli forces?

Ahh...Did I say there was proof about Rebirth's documentation concerning Arabs being invited to join Israel as equal citizens in 1948?

Here's another story that you'll never hear from our press!

Arab from Jerusalem Is Outstanding IDF Soldier

by dailyalert

(Yehuda Schlesinger -  Israel Hayom-Hebrew, 19Apr2012)
"S," an Arab from eastern Jerusalem, is one of the outstanding IDF soldiers who will be recognized at this year's Israel Independence Day ceremony at the President's residence.
"First of all, I'm an Israeli," he says. "For me, to continue to serve in the IDF is a dream."
"When I enlisted it was like I was reborn. Many possibilities opened up." 
Two of his brothers have also decided to enlist.
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