Friday, December 9, 2011

Rebirth's eyewitness reads the book

Similar to Rebirth's main character Charles Devonshire, an actual eyewitness, Zipporah Porath "Zippy" lived through the amazing volatile events that created a nation more controversial than any other country in history. She was kind enough to confirm many facts from fiction during the writing of Rebirth as we corresponded several times about the reestablishment of Israel.

Zippy was a journalism student from New York and intended to study for one year at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1947. But after a cloak and dagger encounter with the Haganah (the Jewish underground military) she volunteered as a nurse during the heated exchange between Jews and Arabs and saw numerous miracles take place. To have a living eyewitness to confer with was a real blessing that most authors only dream of.

Now in her mid 80's, Zippy has read Rebirth and this is (in part) what she said: "Your narrative writing skills are evident; the story flows and sustains interest. I truly appreciate your sincere efforts to bring this story to light, am pleased to have been of any assistance, and happy for you that your readers are so enthusiastic about "Rebirth." I hope you get many more excellent reviews and sell a lot of books."

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