Thursday, December 22, 2011

Europe continues criticizing Israel

With a 33 to 13 vote in 1947 in favor of Jewish and Arab states in Palestine, Europe has still carried the anti-Semitic hatred that Hitler inflamed. 

Following recent European condemnation of settlement activity, Israel issued sharp rebukes to France, Germany, England and Portugal: If they want to condemn others, they should focus on Syria and Iran to name a few.

The U.S. agrees and says these European statements are not conducive to peace in the Middle East.

"Rebirth" covers many aspects of when it all heated up in the first place, beginning with Hitler's extended campaign to rile European Arabs and Asians with a fully German funded radio station to broadcast lies about Jews in Arabic all throughout Europe and Asia.

What's really amazing is that those lies were passed down to their children (which was also a Hitler initiation) and those children are the finger pointers of today, who now are passing poison to their children so the cycle will continue.

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