Friday, December 16, 2011

Iran - not to be underestimated

Iran, otherwise know as Persia in the bible, is still a large threat to both Israel and the U.S. For Israel, the news has covered their threat well enough that this writer doesn't need to cover. But a lesser known plot from Iran is to purchase nuclear subs and park them off the eastern coast of the U.S. They know if they want to wipe out Israel, they'd have to also do the same to the U.S., if they were to survive.

While it seems far fetched (and nobody wants to hear it) Iran stands the chance of doing just that.

Despite repeated UN Security Council resolutions condemning Iran's nuclear program, the rogue regime in Tehran is marching forward, threatening regional and global stability. Congress has approved legislation that would help clamp down on Iran's funding by issuing a new set of sanctions.

This "sanction" has historically proven to be useless, thought I'm all for any attempt at tying anything prior to war to stop a madman.

Since many of us do not believe our current president "gets it" and thus this is truly a time we must pray specifically against Iran's goals, (along with their cohorts Hamas and Hezbollah to name a few) because we need God's protection from yet another enemy who desperately desires to wipe out good countries to further their cause. God works through prayer!

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