Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rebirth is available!

Dear friends,

After three years of intense research and writing, Rebirth is now available for purchase!

On sale for $12.95. Go to www.rebirthofisrael.com  and enter code: NJGD3DFQ to save $2.00 off the list price. The website is packed with new information about Rebirth and has great images from 1948. Please enjoy it and share the link with others. In the "Press Room" there's a downloadable Facebook blurb if you care to share this compelling Pro Israel book on your Facebook page.

I want to thank everyone for all the great comments and encouragements that all of you have made. Here's Rebirth's first endorsement:

"Rebirth is a compelling novel which manages to perform the difficult task of being very entertaining and informative. The depth of characters allow the reader to experience the struggles of Israel's birth, both personal and political."
—Rabbi Eric Tokajer

Read more reviews: http://www.rebirthofisrael.com/#!complete-review

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