Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's About Time

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No wonder Obama is finally stepping up and saying the right thing. IT'S ELECTION TIME. He has to in order the at least think of another four years. Of course I'm personally praying him out of office and I'm not afraid to say so. Even though his overdue speech to the UN was great, it's all for reelection status, but he at least said it publicly. Let's not repeat this election process without making Israel's support a bigger issue in the presidential campaign! Are you with me?

Obama’s Speech at UN Should Not Have Been a Surprise

by dailyalert

  • The stunned expressions on Palestinian delegates' faces as they listened to President Obama bluntly reject their bid for statehood at the UN was proof of just how far they had allowed themselves to believe in their own hype. Palestinians actually believed that they had driven a wedge between Israel and its American backers.
  • Obama is an American president who has gone beyond all others in standing up for Palestinian rights and aspirations, who is openly antagonistic to Israel's leadership, and who has frequently stated his goal of a fast track to Palestinian statehood. Yet when the cards were down, President Obama demolished years of Palestinian self-deception.
  • Over the years, Americans have come to a better understanding of - and an empathy towards - the plight of the Palestinians, but this has not translated into a lesser support for Israel. Yes, Americans feel that Palestinians should get their own state, but no, the Americans do not believe that it must come at Israel's expense.
  • Americans have generally sympathized with Israel over the Palestinians and today, Israel still enjoys vast support in American society. They may have differences over certain policy issues, including the issue of settlements, but these are in no way divisive differences.
  • President Obama knows that he cannot walk directly counter to the expressed wishes of his electorate. The average American still values Israel and sides with it and any president must come to terms with that if he wants to stay in office another 4 years.
(Editorial - Albawaba-Jordan)

Bottom portion posted by Israel Alert.

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