Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Messiah already did this!

In Israel and around the world, a couple of under-reported news stories with prophetic implications unfolded in recent days.
rebirth of Israel
On Monday, April 14th, Jerusalem police arrested five ultra-orthodox Jewish Israelis who were attempting to sacrifice a goat at the Temple Mount to mark the Pesach (Passover) holiday.

In the modern era, rabbinical authorities from virtually all streams of Judaism have been in agreement that blood sacrifices such as the one attempted, are inappropriate and forbidden. But that wall of uniformity was cracked two weeks ago when a prominent rabbi, a member of a Rabbinate Council, publicly called on the Jewish People to perform the Pesach sacrifice.

It goes without saying that any proposal to resume Jewish sacrifices on the Temple Mount has explosive religious, cultural, and geopolitical implications. PLUS, OUR MESSIAH SHED HIS OWN BLOOD, SO WE NO LONGER NEED THIS SACRIFICE!

This raises an important question: When the Jewish temple is rebuilt according to 2 Thessalonians 2:3,4 will this be the next heated topic in Israel amongst the other heated topics?

This small excerpt was taken from a more in-depth article originally posted by: Jewish Voice Ministries—Read the whole article at: A wonderful Messianic ministry that I'm blessed to support!

Please pray and support Israel Gen. 3:12

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