Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Israel documentary with Lenord Nimoy!

The Miracle of Israel

The Miracle of Israel

We are excited to share with you that “The Miracle of Israel” documentary 

will be airing in Los Angeles soon. The film airs on mainstream television 

Three years in the making, “The Miracle of Israel” is a historical snapshot 

of the Jewish People and their miraculous survival and restoration. 
Narrated by Leonard Nimoy, it tells the story of the only nation in the
 history of the world that has maintained a national identity for centuries
 without a homeland, pointing to the miraculous providence of 
God for His People.

For several weeks the program will air in 10 other major US cities –

 on ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates – and also in Canada. Check the
 program schedule below for broadcast times in your area.

Please join with us by praying for “The Miracle of Israel” broadcasts. 

When God’s people pray, lives are changed and that is the purpose
 behind this important documentary. Also, you can check out the 
film’s website at

los angeles moi

Please join with us by praying 
for “The Miracle of Israel” 
broadcasts. When God’s people 
pray, lives are changed and that 
is the purpose behind this important documentary. To see 
a 30-second TV promo that is airing now, click here. Also,
 you can check out the 
film’s website at

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