Saturday, November 3, 2012

My contribution to cut off terrorists

As you all know, I don't advertise products on this site. But in my efforts to cut off money to nations like Iran and the like, I leased a new Nissan 100% electric vehicle, call the Leaf.

Goodbye foreign oil from my pocket, which has gotten our nation and our allies in so much trouble!

Being used to a Nissan Murano, which cost me $30,000.00 10 years ago, I still wanted a great car that had some pick up when I needed it, and better gas milage than a 10 year old car!

The Leaf blew me away! Power to spare, very smooth ride (just as smooth as our Murano) very high-tech in it's features, but here's the real motivating factor the got my attention...

The government took $9,400.00 off the price at the time of purchase! The state of California just confirmed our $2,500.00 check in the mail AND my wife gets car pool lane privileges for 3 years. Oh and California just added 2,000 public electric car chargers in key areas of our state!

This NO GAS car is a must see! (Nissan estimates the cost of electricity is equivalent to 100 miles per gallon in electric costs.)

If like me, you're sick and tired of rising gas prices and giving that money to (well you know) then you should take electric cars very seriously! They're here to stay and we LOVE ours!

The most asked question I get? With only about 100 miles on a single charge, what about vacation and long-distance travels? We just traveled 1,000 miles to Utah from California in a rental car that only cost us $120.00 for 5 days. Why put all that milage on your own car if you don't need to? Going far away? Rent a vehicle; they're cheep and easy to rent!

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