Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Palestinians still trying backdoor methods

Palestinian officials say that they will soon resume their effort to gain U.N. membership and they could launch a nonviolent third intifada. (That of course is an oxymoron.) The Palestinians had put their U.N. bid on hold to participate in informal Jordanian-sponsored talks with Israel that began at the beginning of the year in Amman. “We hear from our Jordanian friends that things are not going well,” said Sabri Saidam, an adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Mr. Saidam and other Palestinian officials said the U.N. campaign would begin anew.
A return to the U.N. would rile the United States, who has vowed to veto the Palestinian application for membership. The United States was spared the headache of a veto in September because the Palestinians failed to gain a nine-vote majority. The U.N. campaign is just one aspect of what many Palestinian officials describe an approach that seeks to isolate Israel diplomatically while engaging in mass nonviolent protests.

"Rebirth" shows how the Jews already offered every Arab living in the area peace, but the U.N. still fails to recognize the Palestinians as non-cooperators.

Rebirth's latest review from Home Maid Simple book reviews:
 My thoughts: This is by far one of the best historical fiction books I've read in a long time. History is my passion. Learning about the past so we can change our future is something we should all do. Rebirth touches on the very emotions of human nature. I wanted to cry with Charles as he learned who he was and his heritage.   I wanted to give hugs to so many of the characters in this book, to let them cry on my shoulder and cry with them. Everyone knows about the Holocaust, but I think very few know what happened to the Jew's afterwards, and the struggles they continued to face as they found a home of their own.
Dave's ability to incorporate a fictional love story around such a tumultuous time period, and pull on the readers heartstrings, is a gift.
Adelina Priddis

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