Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Go away bad guys!

Dear Ron Paul and others like you,

I'd love to see our troops come home. If it were simple to pull them out of the terrorist ridden areas, and our enemies respected it and leave us alone, then I'd agree with you to bring our brave troops and our great allies home.

Unfortunately we're fighting a similar war as we did with Hitler who inspired radical fundamentalist Arabs to join his regime: We will undermine the morale of the people of America. . .. Once there is confusion and after we have succeeded in undermining the faith of the American people in their own government, a new group will take over; this will be the German-American group, and we will help them to assume power. 
-- Adolf Hitler, 1933

Did you know?? Hitler's propaganda was so prolific in Los Angeles and New York that a person (like a character from "Rebirth" did in the 1940s) could purchase Nazi propaganda packets so they could spread the lies to the mass public. But our Islamic enemies have added to the Nazi propaganda machine with all sorts of other battle tactics; The worst being the belief that allah will protect them. So with no common sense or fear of serious retaliation, they are plotting nuclear and mass destruction to the U.S. and Israel.

I agree with one politician from our past regarding this matter: "We can't afford to be wrong one time."

We all need to remember (I hope you're paying attention Ron Paul) that our's and Israel's foes are not going to go away with the removal of our troops; they do NOT want peace, they want domination and destruction to democracy.

Let's pay attention to what the running candidates are saying in their early stages before they increase their gibberish (and tell the people what they want to hear) as election time draws near. 

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