Monday, August 15, 2011

U.S. Marines excited to train with IDF (Israeli soldiers)

I was excited to see the eyes of U.S. Marines opened to the similarities of the U.S. and Israel--our greatest Middle East ally. Rebirth is filled with eye opening insights like this one below, and will also open more hearts to understand the great need for our support:

A company of the U.S. Marine Corps force stationed in Europe came to Israel for a month of intensive training alongside IDF soldiers in urban warfare, reconnaissance, and target shooting. "We've never been to a mock town like that of the IDF," said Platoon Sgt. Robert Hattenbach, referring to the Urban Warfare Training Center. The Marines were thrilled to train at the facility, raving about its realistic feel.

"This trip was a serious wake up call," said Sgt. Hattenbach. "We realized that Israeli people are just like us. We now better understand what Israel really is and when we go back to the U.S. we can tell people that." 
(Rotem Eliav - Israel Defense Forces)

Bottom portion originally posted by Israel Alert.

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