Friday, August 26, 2011

Rebirth: written from a Jewish or Christian perspective?

Since this questiion is asked frequently, from time to time, I like to answer this legitimate question for those who are new to this blog site.

Rebirth is actually written for ALL faiths to enjoy, which was not easy to do. We all know, no book will please everyone. With that said, Rebirth is 100% Jewish and Christian friendly. Personally, I'm Christian and I fully understand that many Jews do not want to be "preached at" about Jesus. I respected that when I wrote Rebirth.

Based on the Torah and the Prophets (Leviticus chapter 26, Ezekiel chapters 36, 37, and 38, and my favorite, Amos 9:14,15) both faiths will be able to read, enjoy, learn, laugh and cry about this compelling story which nicely highlights many great stories in the making of Israel—all while supporting America's strongest ally in the Middle East—Israel. I love, appreciate and marvel at God's handywork in this nation! I don't know a single Jew or Christian who does not embrace the above mentioned scriptures. So personally, at a time when both faiths need to unite more than ever for the good of Israel and America, I look at what we DO have in common, rather then what we don't.

PLEASE comment on this. I love your feedback and use them to put the final last touches on the book.

If you read other blog posts in the archive section to the right side, hopefully you will see evidence of this writing style. Please, feel free to share the links with confidence of Rebirth's strong ability to transcend differing faiths, while still not watering down the magnificent prophecies that foretold this miraculous event.

Here's the video trailer link for convenience—will you help me make it go viral?

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