Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unique Support for Israel

Can a novel change the hearts of the undecided to support Israel? Rebirth already has many times over. As I send thousands of notices out about Rebirth's support of Israel, I ultimately get the question, "how does this novel support Israel?"

The answer is simple: by telling a gripping true story (blended with some fictional characters) of a remnant of scattered Jews, who built a might superpower in the Middle East. And by also showing in the story how the Jewish leadership used legitimate legal channels to reestablish their nation against the odds.

How is Rebirth changing undecided hearts to support this mighty nation right now? I'm getting lots of bitter people writing me that do not understand how Israel came to be, and I can't help engaging in conversations online, based on my research to enlighten skeptics, that Israel is filled with real human beings who deserve a right to a peaceful life.

One example: bitter writers complain that Jews forced Arabs out of Palestine in 1948. But on the contrary, Rebirth shows how Arab attacking countries put out a public call for all Arabs to evacuate so they'll be out of the way on the "war on annihilation," as they called it.

The proof lies in Israel's Arab population today. Take a guess how many Israeli citizens reside in Israel today. Before my research, I guessed about 1,000. But I was off by a whopping 1.5 million. Yes, over 20% of Israel's population today are Arabs who were either directly invited to remain as citizens in 1948, or are now descendants of those who were. ALL Arabs desiring peace who resided in that land in 1948, were offered free citizenship. Now ask me why didn't the evacuees (who unknowingly became refugees) return from the neighboring Arab countries? Send me the question, and I'll send the shocking answer.

The evidence is clear that God reestablished Israel by the fulfilling of prophecy! (Leviticus chapter 26.) And on 11/11/11, the massive marketing campaign for Rebirth will spread a compelling argument to millions of readers who are "on the fence" about stepping up and supporting this great nation. And in doing so, they will agree with God, this nation must exist in the last days.

Please stay tuned for a "meet the characters to learn more interesting/relevant facts" series coming on the countdown to mass publication! And feel free to share the links: www.rebirthofisrael.blogspot.com

Watch the exciting 90 second book trailer at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTxfmUeEJeM

Genesis 12:3 'I will bless those who bless you (Israel) and curse those who treat you with contempt...'


Anonymous said...

your statement that Palestinians were driven away from their homes by Arabs is simply not true. my own family was forced out by Israeli terrorists in the Hagganah by force in our family home and off of our family orchards by warplanes flying over Lydda.

the citizens of Lydda were forced out by guns and military planes. the citizens of Lydda were forced to march to safety in Ramallah in the heat of July 12/13 1948. children died. elderly people had to be carried. babies died on this scorching hot and desolate trail without water, without food, without shelter.

shame on you to lie about what drove the Palestinians from their homes.

Crystal Clear Hearing Aids said...

Then how do you explain that over 1.5 million Arabs are Israeli citizens today?

Sorry to hear your family suffered, because there were terrorists groups on both sides, but my article was about the mainstream Jewish government who condemned unfair violence according to historical facts and testimonies.

Of course there are going to be casualties of any war, both Jews and Arabs suffered from this atrocity.

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