Friday, June 24, 2011

Forward this to Obama!

Today I have added a new scene to Rebirth (while in the final editing stages) showing how the Jews had tirelessly initiated numerous peace meetings with the Arabs in Palestine and abroad since the 1940s, only to be frustrated to see Arabs not show up much of the time. Rebirth will clearly show that negotiations with terrorist minded foes of Israel will NEVER work! Will somebody please forward this to Obama?

There is a lot of diplomatic activity at the moment to persuade Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas not to seek statehood in the autumn. It's likely that more than two-thirds of the UN General Assembly will recognize a Palestinian state if it goes to a vote. But a state cannot get actual membership of the UN unless it is approved by the Security Council, and the Americans will veto. 

Diplomats say the key voters are Germany, France and the UK. Germany has said no to recognition; France is "on the fence but trending positively" and the UK is undecided.

President Obama's apparently personal decision, in his May speech referenced a bogus solution based on a land giveaway from the Pre-1967 borders. This infuriated the Israelis and rightly so since it would have opened up a giant security hole in Israel. "We felt like it was an ambush," an Israeli cabinet minister said. "What seems clear at the moment is that America's most important ally in the Middle East doesn't have a voice in the inner circle. Another reason to NOT see Obama reelected.

The gaps are so wide - not just between us and the president, said the Isrealis, but between Obama and his staff." 
(Paul Danahar - BBC News)

Bottom portion originally posted by Israel Alert.

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