Thursday, April 28, 2011

Palestinians and Hamas try to unite

Rebirth, the novel, shows many of the big mistakes that Israel's enemies made early on that helped Israel maintain their independence.  Five battled-hardened and angry nations all ganged up on Israel on their first day of independence on May 15th, 1948. The world was convinced that Israel would last only a week or so, because they were out numbered and out gunned by at least 100:1. But the Lord caused their enemies to be disorganized like he did with Gideon's enemies in the old testament. "And if you go to war in your land against the enemy that oppresses you; you shall be remembered before the LORD your God, and you shall be saved from your enemies". (Numbers 10:9)

 The day Israel's enemies do unite, look up, for the Lord will be there to smite them in the valley of Armageddon!

Here's the latest organization attempt:

It's not yet certain that a political deal announced Wednesday by the Palestinian Fatah and Iranian backed Hamas factions will stick - similar pacts have been proclaimed and then discarded in the last four years. But one thing is sure: If Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas moves forward with the reconciliation with the Islamic Hamas movement, it will mean he has written off the Obama administration and the peace process it has tried to broker, once and for all.

The reconciliation could mean the end of the West Bank administration headed by Salam
, a technocrat highly respected by both Americans and Israelis. If so, Congress will almost certainly suspend $400 million in annual U.S. aid.
(Jackson Diehl - Washington Post)

Bottom portion originally posted by Israel Alert.

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