Thursday, April 21, 2011

News that won't leak out...

As in 1948, much of the "good news" about Israel never makes it out to the general public. My novel Rebirth highlights the same publicity problems in 1948 as we see today. So here's some more good news about Israel that the press won't publish because it does NOT serve their bias against Israel. It's up to Israel's friends to announce the good news I guess...

This story resonates with the all familiar backward Arab government oppressions that the Arab people are protesting in the streets of Israel's neighboring countries––and now the PA authorities wants the same?

Palestinians who worked in Jewish settlements in 2010 made almost double the wage of their peers in the public and service sectors, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics said in a new report released Wednesday.

14% of the Palestinian workforce are employed in West Bank settlements. Average daily wages for settlement workers were 150 shekels ($44) per day, compared to 76.9 ($22) in the West Bank and 46.2 ($13.50) in Gaza.

"Palestinian workers in our factories are making closer to three times the wages they would be making in the PA," said settlement leader Yaakov David Ha'ivri. "I guess that is the reason that Salam Fayyad's threats to impose a workers boycott never materialized."

"It would be very interesting to see the results of a true open and democratic referendum of the local Arab population" to learn if they would prefer a ban on settlements or to continue working in them, he added. (Maan News-PA)

Bottom portion originally published by Israel alert.

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