Sunday, September 14, 2014

Did NAZIS inspire current Islamic tactics against Israel?

It's no secret (though not widely known) that NAZIS and ARABS had co-conspired in the Holocaust together; Shown here is a disturbing picture of ARAB troops who fought side-by-side with the SS Army during WWII.

Today's Islamic techniques can be traced to NAZI roots; Especially their ultimate desire not to negotiate with Israel, but seek their destruction...
Some 20,000 ARAB soldiers were assembled by Haj Amin Al Huseini to assist SS forces in fighting for Hitler. Notice the close up photo (Above) with a swastika worn by these ARAB soldiers.
Haj Amin Al Huseini—The proclaimed 'Hitler' equivalent of the ARAB world.

The lesson here is to keep telling our politicians that HAMAS or the Palestinian authorities have NO desire to "negotiate" any peace with Israel when they are completely bent on Israel's destruction; 

But let's not forget the victims of this tragedy...The many innocent common Palestinian people who want nothing to do with HAMAS and their dictating leaders.

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