Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A blessed opportunity!

Dear friends,

I almost never post things outside of my love and ministry for Israel, but today, our neighbor country Mexico has an incredible opportunity this summer:

My good friends Mike and Sarah Vincent have been ministering in Rosarito Mexico for ten years. I had the privilege of video taping their first building opening after they moved their humble home bible study into a church many years ago. The sanctuary held about 30-50 people. Now they are moving to an empty factory building in the heart of Rosarito and plan to have an 800 seat sanctuary to house their growing church!

They need a lot of help because this all has to be done in two months due to finances and logistics. (Move in date is projected for September.) Please click this link and pray about helping with: prayer, volunteer time to build out the church during July and August, and/or finances.

I personally know these servants and was so touched when I video taped one of their baptisms and heard the testimony from an ex-Mexican Mafia member who was curious about the church and eventually gave his heart to God. He risked his life by leaving the Mexican Mafia (since they don't let members just quit.) He became a loving transformed man! That's only one in hundreds that Calvary Chapel Rosarito has seen transformed! In addition, the church feeds the poor, counsels the hurting and does so much in this poverished and tourist town.

I hope the Lord will tug on your heart and lead you to read about their needs listed on the link above.


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