Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mounting pressure - please continue prayers

As my novel Rebirth faces it's six week countdown for release, tensions continue to in Israel:

Israel is in a time of extraordinary crisis - as pressure mounts from every side. 
  • Key relationships with Turkey and Egypt have broken down…
  • The support of the Obama administration has cooled toward Israel.
  • The international community is increasingly hostile to Israel and its commitment to defend its borders.
  • And within Israel the economic impact of the massive national defense programs leaves little or no money to care for the poor and disadvantaged – and there have been massive protests across Israel.
Now, Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned that the planned unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state would have "dire consequences." 

When we unite in prayer with understanding, then we’ll see things change.  Don’t be misled, though. These planned political moves by the Palestinian Authority are not based on a genuine desire for peace. 
  • The Palestinians do not recognize Israel’s right to exist, nor have they amended their charter that calls for the destruction of Israel.
  • Arab leaders freely admit that Palestinian statehood is the first step to the final destruction of Israel.
  • The Palestinian state calls for dividing Jerusalem—cutting off the biblical holy places from Jews and Christians.
  • The Palestinian state proposes borders that further diminish Israel, leaving half a million Jews homeless.
  • The Palestinian state cuts Israel in half and leaves God’s Promised Land virtually defenseless.
  • The Palestinian state is “Judenrein,” racist—free of Jews, no Jews are allowed, and very limited to Christians.
PLEASE PRAY that God will intervene and the enemy’s plans will be brought down…

(Originally posted by Jewish Voice Ministries.) 

Also pray for Rebirth's release date of 11/1/11. That it will do what is has been designed to do: change the hearts of the undecided to support Israel!

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