Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why can't we have a home like everyone else?

In my novel titled Rebirth, about the rebirth of Israel in 1948, settlements of Jews were a hot topic in the international community. And even prior to 1948, when the Jews were finally liberated from Hitler's grip, no country wanted the Jews to settle in their land––with no place to go, they acted on God's promise in Amos 9:14,15.

As one who has long entertained doubts about the wisdom and viability of much of the settlement enterprise, I find myself cheering Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for announcing, in the wake of the Fogel family massacre, the construction of hundreds of additional homes in the settlements. Israel's consistent mistake since the peace process began nearly 18 years ago was to suppose that conspicuous displays of reasonableness and moderation would beget likewise on the other side. The reality has been closer to the opposite.
For 60 years, no nation has been held to such stringent moral account, or such ceaseless international hectoring, as Israel. And no people has been held to so slight an account as the Palestinians. Palestinians have grown accustomed to the waiver the rest of the world has consistently granted them over the years no matter what they do.
(Bret Stephens - Wall Street Journal)

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