Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some things never change

In all my research about the rebirth of Israel, I've never seen a feud that just won't diffuse or even cool down.

Scholars, pundits, propagandists, and journalists have created two dangerous pieces of conventional wisdom about the Middle East: that Israelis, not Palestinians, have been the main stumbling block to peace, and that the U.S. has failed to use its influence to pressure Israel for serious compromises. Both propositions are largely untrue.

Israel has a long and compelling history of making major concessions to Arabs. Israel agreed to return the entire Sinai Peninsula, booty of a war it did not start and an act of territorial generosity unprecedented in modern history. When Israel departed Gaza in 2005, it uprooted 9,000 Israeli settlers. In return, Israel got rockets and a terrorist enclave run by Hamas.

At each step in the tortuous negotiating process, the U.S. has pushed Israel toward concessions, but received little or no credit from the Arab side because they think the U.S. is capable of exerting even more pressure on Israel. Nonetheless, the American role has been real and substantial.

(Leslie H. Gelb - Foreign Policy)
The writer is president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations.

It's pleasing to God when we pray for peace in Israel. Please take a moment right now and say a prayer for our only democratic partner in the Middle East. Genesis 12:3 'I will bless those who bless Israel...'


tedstadpole said...

I well recall our family & friends being extremely disheveled by the entire Gaza issue. The whole thing was so ludicrous that Israel should have to give up what was undoubtedly there's by law and morality. Appreciate hearing multiple points involved. I greatly agree with our need and responsibility to be praying with Israel. Thank you for keeping the truths and responsibilities before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Truth about Israel is seldom written in the Newspapers or reported on MSNBC but the reality is that Israel is God's land and Jews are God's people. No man can divide the land that God has given. Those that try will perish. These are the times reported by Daniel and Issiah and John. Soon ... he is coming very soon ... tick, tick, tick.

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